[Mapserver-users] Drawing ADF Files with Mapserver

Tyler Mitchell TMitchell at lignum.com
Mon May 3 22:48:18 EDT 2004

> I am attempting to render a directory of adf files as a layer within my 
> mapfile. Forgive my ignorance, I am totally unfamiliar with this sort of 

> thing, especially the ADF files.

You are probably dealing with ArcInfo coverages, which are a collection of 
*.adf files in folders.  You will probably also need to specify a layer 
number for the type of feature you what from that coverage.  I agree with 
Daniel, grab the latest version of the mapserver binary you can get and a 
copy of the gdal/ogr distribution for your platform.  Use "ogrinfo" and 
the path to the folder.  You will get a list of "layers" in that folder, 
for example, I have a coverage called biogeo5 and can use ogrinfo to 
interogate it thusly:

$ ogrinfo /cygdrive/e/data/spatial/regional/msrm/ecology/biogeo5/
Had to open data source read-only.
INFO: Open of `/cygdrive/e/data/spatial/regional/msrm/ecology/biogeo5/'
using driver `AVCBin' successful.
1: ARC (Line String)
2: CNT (Point)
3: LAB (Point)
4: PAL (Polygon)

There are 4 layers.  To use these layer numbers in Mapserver, you will 
need to use layer num - 1.  For example, if you just want the line strings 
of the qbec coverage you will need to append append the layer num (-1) to 
the connection string.  I see that you were wanting polygons, 4: PAL 
(Polygon) so use the  layer thusly:

     CONNECTION "<full path to >/corp/tbec,3"

See how that works for you.

> *Warning*: [MapServer Error]: msOGRFileOpen(): Open failed for OGR 
> connection `corp/tbec'. File not found or unsupported format. in 
> */home/www/htdocs/viewer/out/map.php* on line *161*

It is still possible that "file not found" is correct, so make sure your 
path is right and as suggested, use the full path when testing and terse 
it up a bit as you get comfortable that it works.

> I have been sitting here reading/scouring docs and the userlist all day 
> looking for suggestions/examples and have run out.

The key to search on is "mapserver", "coverage" and "connectiontype ogr" - 
should give you a good swath of ideas via google.


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