[Mapserver-users] Drawing ADF Files with Mapserver

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
Mon May 3 21:12:01 EDT 2004

Richard Gould wrote:
> And here is MapServer hating me:
> *Warning*: [MapServer Error]: msOGRFileOpen(): Open failed for OGR 
> connection `corp/tbec'. File not found or unsupported format. in 
> */home/www/htdocs/viewer/out/map.php* on line *161*

Perhaps try using an absolute path to the coverage directory in the 
CONNECTION string and see if that helps.

Also, which version of GDAL/OGR are you using?  I think coverage support 
was added only around 1.1.9 (or was it 1.1.8?).  You may want to try 
opening the coverage using ogrinfo and see if OGR can read itat all.

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