[Mapserver-users] center map on x,y coordinates

Alexandros Chimarios alhim at intracom.gr
Tue May 4 06:34:06 EDT 2004

Hi , 

	are you using the MapScript language ? If yes in the mapObj class there is 
the method centerByPoint which operates on the screen space(pixels). What are 
those x,y ? Screen coords(pixels) or geographical coordinates (e.x lat/lon) ?

On Tuesday 04 May 2004 12:24, Elisabeth Nolz wrote:
> hi list.
> in my application i have a drop-down menu with lots of addresses (addresses
> and appropriate x,y coordinates stored in a mysql-database). the user can
> choose one address and then click on the submit-button to show the map
> centered on the chosen address.
> the problem is, that i don't know how i could center my map on x,y
> coordinates.
> i found the following entry in the mapserver-user-history:
> "If you have x,y coordinates for the centers of your parcels in your mysql
> database, you can just run your search, grab the results, and redirect to a
> url like:
> http://myserver.com/cgi-bin/mapserver?map=parcel.map&mapxy=x_from_mysql+y_f
> i tried this link with my coordinates but it doesn't work this way. could
> someone help me please?
> thx,
> elisabeth.
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