[Mapserver-users] auto angle line labeling with mapscript

Michael Schulz mschulz at webgis.de
Tue May 4 07:43:27 EDT 2004


I have a problem with labeling line features with the angle auto option.
If I draw a certain line layer with shp2img then everything works fine.
This is the corresponding image:

If I use the same mapfile with python/mapscript then the situation 
changes, the labels are drawn, but they get rotated in the wrong 
direction but for a "correct" angle value.
This is the corresponding image:

These images were created with mapserver 4.0.1, gd-2.0.21, 
freetype-2.1.7 on WIN2K.

Has anyone using mapscript, perhaps in another flavor had the same problems?

TIA, Michael

P.S.: Could this problem be related with this bug:?
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