[Mapserver-users] PHP Mapscript query result in new window

GIS Initiative burmester at gis-initiative.de
Tue May 4 07:29:11 EDT 2004


I try to get the query result from the GMap Demo in a popup window. In this list I 
find the note, that I can do this with php session variables. I tried that, but my 
query result is always null. In my opinion there are problems with the global 
variables (in the function GMapDumpQueryResults() are this $gpoMap and 
$gbShowQueryResults). To set the session variables I return $selFields in this 
function and then I call the function with the session variable name. 

$result = GMapDumpQueryResults();

When I write something in a test variable and return this, everything is alright. 
How I have to change this function? Can someone help me?


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