[Mapserver-users] representation from MS-SQL server

Jenu Abraham jenu_ab at hotmail.com
Wed May 5 12:43:51 EDT 2004

I'm new to Mapserver GIS..
for most of u these questions i ask might seem really silly...

I have been using the shape files from Nationalatlas.gov website

I have been able to generate a road map of US...
now i'm trying to plot points on the map...

I have a table of lat long coordinates in my MS-SQL Server database which i 
want to represent as a stars on my Map. Is it possible for me to represent 
them ..
if yes how?

Anothter problem i'm facing is trying to figure out the extents of the 
map...till now...i have been using the Hit and Trial method.... if somebody 
can help me with a better more logical method....
What exactly do those 4 long numbers represent?

Thnks a lot

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