[Mapserver-users] Tcl MapScript for Windows Available

Nicolas Boretos nicolas at maich.gr
Tue May 11 09:50:10 EDT 2004

Hi Folks,

Franks recent post prompted me to notify of a windows version of 
mapscript I've built usin the msys toolchain.
Also included is a statically linked mapserv.exe and associates, build 
with GDAL/OGR, WMS/WFS and Postgis.
Postgis, shape and WMS has been initially tested and seem to work. Used 
the 4.0.1 release of ms
Pdf functionality is included, but requires the pdflib.dll...

Tclmapscript is built with stubs and loads with tclkit as well.

Is there somewhere that I can upload this stuff, ms site/frank?


nicolas boretos

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