[Mapserver-users] Suse 9.1 Linux a good Choice for Mapserver?

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Wed May 12 15:16:56 EDT 2004

Mark Rodrigo wrote:

>Hello all:
>I have seen Tyler Mitchell's polls on the flavor of Linux people have been
>running, and it seems like Redhat has won out. I too have been working with
>a Redhat 9 implementation, but don't think I want to go to RH enterprise @
>350$/yr. I have been thinking about Debian, FreeBSD, but mostly SUSE 9.1
>professional. Any strong feelings for/against SUSE 9.1 pro or maybe an
>earlier version? 
Even the newest SuSE you can get is just a little behind and awkward 
when using PostgreSQL/PostGIS. Ask our admin & he'll have strong 
feelings against SuSE, but he'll manage anyway. If you *can* choose we 
rather recommend using Debain or FreeBSD.

Regards, Arnulf.

>Only thing is I would also like to do Tomcat/Java 1.4 on
>that same OS, and be able to port to a dedicated server.
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