[Mapserver-users] Polygon Layer and Coloring...

Michael Cortez mcortez at fullcoll.edu
Wed May 12 19:07:43 EDT 2004

And another newbie stumbles on to the scene...

So I've gotten Mapserver up and running, ran through some of the
tutorials, been playing with data from ESRI World Basemap Data,
TIGER/Line, etc...  In each case I've just based my work off the
"workshop" files.

Everything so far is "good to go."


Now I'm experimenting with Styling, and I pulled some ESRI World Basemap
Data for Germany.  The data includes a Polygon layer for provinces.
Each province has a COLOR_MAP field, with what looks like a unique
number for each province (1 through 9 I think).

What I'd like to try and have, is for each province to be a different
color.  I don't care what the specific colors are (at this point.)  Is
there some "easy" method of defining a single layer, that then colors
each province differently (possibly based on it's COLOR_MAP field)?

Or do I have to create a separate layer for each province, with a
separate CLASS & COLOR for each province?  If I have to go this route,
how would I isolate each province for each layer?  

Michael Cortez

Development Services
Academic Computing
Fullerton College

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