[Mapserver-users] 1-bit tiff with min-is-white

Manfred Meier m.meier at spiekermann.de
Thu May 13 07:11:49 EDT 2004

Hello list,

I'm using mapserver 4.0.2 with perl-mapscript and i want to display a 
tiff for which "tiffinfo" says the following:

TIFF Directory at offset 0x8
   Subfile Type: (0 = 0x0)
   Image Width: 9759 Image Length: 9362
   Resolution: 508, 508 pixels/inch
   Bits/Sample: 1
   Compression Scheme: CCITT Group 4 facsimile encoding
   Photometric Interpretation: min-is-white
   Date & Time: "2001:10:30 09:32:44"
   Software: "SICAD-RBS V5.0"
   Samples/Pixel: 1
   Rows/Strip: 6
   Planar Configuration: single image plane
   Group 4 Options: (0 = 0x0)

The picture comes up on the screen but i cannot change the 
"foreground"-color to e.g. light-gray with CLASS and EXPRESSION in the 

Is this possible or have I to convert the tiff to some 8-bit format?


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