[Mapserver-users] 5 second survey: data formats

Tyler Mitchell TMitchell at lignum.com
Thu May 13 18:47:54 EDT 2004

> >>This is a somewhat self selecting poll. The poll results should be 
> >>exactly those file formats that mapserver BEST supports because that 
> >>what people will use to get the job done.
> >>A better poll would be to ask something like. If all vector formats 
> >>the same level of support and performance in mapserver, what are the 
> >>two that you would use. An ditto for raster.

On this point, I think it's worthy to note that of those who took the 
"MapServer Gaps" survey only 1% of respondents noted "Data format 
limitations" as a key barrier to successful implementation.  Certainly 
doesn't mean there aren't needs or broader desires of course, but 
interesting to note.


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