[Mapserver-users] OT--Is anybody else getting these messages?

mapserver at digger.net mapserver at digger.net
Thu May 13 14:44:12 EDT 2004

On Thursday, 13 May 2004, "P Wilkerson" wrote:

> Also, this re-introduces a suggestion I read by another member of this 
> list. Would the administrators consider hiding people's e-mails when 
> messages are posted?  I've noticed more "extraneous" e-mails since 
> joining this list. Nothing conclusive to point to this list, just seems 
> more than a coincidence.

Here's something more concrete for you:
I created an email address exclusively for use on this list.  My mail 
spool currently contains 8 mapserver-users digests and 48 spams sent to 
my mapserver address.


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