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Tyler Mitchell wrote:

>Even if GDAL is using ECW's built-in pyramids, the overhead of opening 
>~10000 files would be significant. I'd recommend pyramids. Maybe fewer 
>than you would use with tiffs. Patch your images together and down 
>sample them.

The Overhead for ~10000 files is to much, thats clear. But I thought, that about 400 Images would be possible. 400 because thats the number of "original" delivered images, which are visible in the largest possible extend. We try to hold the investment of work down on the lowest possible level, which means: Deliverant -> Tile Index -> OGC Mapservice 
So I hoped, that GDAL is able to downsample by itself.

Perhaps 400 Images are also too much. In fact I will try the way with own processed and down sampled Pyramids, but only as last chance.

>Those are probably instances of mapserv.exe that died. Get the 
>"kill.exe" tool from the NT Resource Kit (or Google it).

I found taskkill.exe in the Windows System32 Directory which is able to kill Tasks over the RPC Interface. With the Force Flag set, it was able to kill all my mapserv.exe tasks on the server. Russian methods, but it works ;) Also nothing for productional operation.

>ER Mapper has an ECW Image Web Server. Don't know much about it, but it 
>sounds like what you are looking for.

Image Web Server is a very good software, but for my opinion, it´s not able to serve OGC compliant WMS, because of the own ECW Format as output Format. If it was able to serve JPEG Output, we would buy it! The other factor is the price which is around 50.000,- Euros for the enterprise edition, which is, as written, not able to serve OGC WMS. 

I´ve seen IWS in evaluation operation, and I also have to say at this point, the speed on which the client gets hundreds of Bytes of Rasterdata over 10MBit LAN is really incredible. 

A good concurrent is rasdaman which is based on any RDBMS. Output Interface is a very simple OGC WMS. The speed is also incredible because its resampled and packed before it goes over the line. And the best, it works on a 500 MHz Linux Box with 256 MB RAM! But its only the last chance for our IT Department, because they would have to administer an Oracle DB. :(

Thanks for your answers, I´ll try to create a standard process for calculating pyramids in the meantime. 

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