[Mapserver-users] Hyperlinks from map layers

Michael Schulz mschulz at webgis.de
Mon May 17 06:10:30 EDT 2004

Hi Kenneth,

an easy way to do this, is to open a new browser window and then define 
the location of the new window with javascript:

Therefore you need a JS function in your query template that assigns the 
new href location:

function openLink() {
   detail = window.open("","Detail","toolbar=no");
   detail.location.href = "http://www.yourserver.dk/pdf_dir/[DBF_PDF_LINK]";

Call this function from <BODY onload="openLink();">.

HTH, Michael

Kenneth Slot schrieb:

> I have a 2 layers called plan_poly the other called plan_line. As the 
> title says on layer type is Polygon and the other is Line.
> Both layers contains the same columns Title, Desciptions and Doclink.
> The doclink contains link to a given PDF document on a webserver. 
> http://www........../1-1.pdf
> I want to makes these doclinks active as hyperlinks, so i can click on 
> the map with the "i" button and be redirected to the pdf-document.
> Is that possible? If so how do i activate my layers?
> I'm using MapLap and Mapserver newest version. On Microsoft Internet 
> Informations Server.
> Thanks
> Kenneth

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