[Mapserver-users] MapServer 4.2 beta3

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
Tue May 18 09:21:11 EDT 2004

MapServer 4.2 beta3 has been posted to the download page of the website. 
The list of fixes in this new beta is at the end of this message.

For Windows users, a new build is available at

And for those using MS4W (http://maptools.org/ms4w/), an update package 
for MS4W is available at 

Once again, we invite you to test this new beta and report any critical 
issue... and we hope (again!) that this could be the last beta before 
the release.

  Daniel Morissette               dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
  DM Solutions Group              http://www.dmsolutions.ca/

Version 4.2-beta3 (2004-05-14)

- Fixed another write past end of buffer in INIMAGE WMS errors (bug 644)

- Removed "xbasewohoo" debug output when using JOINs and fixed a few
   error messages related to MySQL joins (bug 652)

- No more Python-stopping but otherwise benign errors raised from
   msDrawWMSLayer() (bug 650).

- Finished prototyping all MapServer functions used by SWIG-Mapscript
   and added 'void' to prototypes of no-arg functions, eliminating all
   but two SWIG-Mapscript build warnings (bug 658).

- Fixed mapwcs.c so that gdal.h and cpl_error.h are not included if
   USE_WCS_SVR is not enabled ... which is never is in 4.2.

- msBuildPath() no longer used with temporary filenames when saving images
   via GDAL.

- Bug 493: fix the raster cracking fix.  The last fix introduced a serious
   heap corruption / errant pointer problem in some render cases.

- Resolved issue with pens and dynamically drawing points (bug 663).

- Removed unused metadata gml_uri in WFS code (Bug 527)

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