[Mapserver-users] New to Mapserver

Scott Ainslie dmi at webmail.co.za
Thu May 20 07:19:41 EDT 2004

MapServer v4 (windows binaries)

I have a fair bit of experience using the comercial web map servers
(Geomedia WebMap, Mapinfo MapXtreme, ArcIMS ...) and came accross mapserver
recently. I have used data from the US National Atlas and have managed to
get a map up but the projections are completely wrong and the scale bar is
way out. My GIS experience is in South Africa and I have an IT background so
the various projections around the world are foriegn to me, I do understand
a bit of projection theory.
As a new user I have some questions which I will list here and will post to
seperate threads for each post.

1) National Atlas Datasets, what projections do these use?

2) How can I connect to a point data sourece in an ODBC database?

3) Using the CBE toolkit and the dhtml template from the demo
(workshop.zip), how do I get rid of the red cross in the middle of the map?

4) Can I make the fill color of polygons transparent, ie: able to see layers


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