[Mapserver-users] Win Xp mapserver problem

Scott Ainslie dmi at webmail.co.za
Thu May 20 11:04:58 EDT 2004

> Hello,
>    I am facing a problem for a few days. I tried to install mapserver
> 4.0.1 in Windows XP. I did the following:
>    # Copy mapserv.exe to Scripts directory
>    # Copy 'Proj' directory under C:/
>    # Copy the contents of the 'lib' directory to C:/windows/system32 and
>      "C:/windows".
> But while I test by writing http://IP/Scripts/mapserv.exe
> It gives me  Http 404 Page not found error messege. Can anybody give
> me any suggestions.
>                                            Samuzzal

What web server are you using IIS or Apache. If IIS don't forget to create a
virtual directory called scripts and make sure you have execute permissions


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