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Murilo Lacerda Yoshida murilo.yoshida at
Fri May 21 16:22:34 EDT 2004

  Frank, Tyler,
  What I want to do is this automatic generalization of vector data.
Actually the best solution would be to generate a raster data from a
vector data.
  I have a map with several polygons. Each polygon has a data associated
with it, population, for example. I guess that to do the raster data
from vector data I would have to size down my polygons, until they had
the size of a pixel, but that would have too much cost, since the
polygons I have on the map are created dynamically...
  I don't know if openEV has this kind of stuff implemented... it would
be of great help...
  Anyway, if I could stop the process of sizing down the polygons before
they reached the pixel size I guess that would be nice too.

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Murilo Lacerda Yoshida wrote:
>   Hi all,
>   I wanted to know if mapserver does map interpolation. If not, do you

> know a open source tool that does it?


"Map interpolation" is a pretty general term in my opinion.  What
are you looking for?  Automatic generalization of vector data?  Smooth
interpolation of raster data during oversampling?

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