[Mapserver-users] Trans.: Gdal, geo tiff raster and mapserver

Sébastien DUBOIS sebastien.dubois at esm2.imt-mrs.fr
Tue May 25 10:18:11 EDT 2004

I could read posts of Paco Regodon which show me that i wasn't alone with this
problem of raster tiff not supported.
(see the post below)

if you've got some minutes to help me please see:

In this page i've sum up my install parameters and main problem about
displaying geotiff.

Have you found or have someone else an answer?

I download tiff2png but without success
the output is:
[root at sx-dubois data]# /tiff2png 26-20k/gr_20k_montelimar_v1.tif 
26-20k/gr_20k_montelimar_v1.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 33550 (0x830e)
26-20k/gr_20k_montelimar_v1.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 33922 (0x8482)

Thanks in advance


On Monday 03 May 2004 15:09, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Paco Regodon wrote:
> >
> > Is there any way i can force using GDAL to read tiff images? I can't
> > compile my own version. Is there any mapfile directive similar to
> > OUTPUTFORMAT to force using GDAL instead of builtin support?
> You could "trick" MapServer into using GDAL by setting a different
> projection on the raster layer ... say with a false easting or northing
> that differs by a 10th of a meter or something.  Also, forcing 24bit output
> will trip things over to using GDAL.

Hello Frank,

no luck. :-(

I have tryed changing utm "zone=29" on the map and  "zone=30" on the layer 
without success. Also, i changed IMAGETYPE from PNG to PNG24, and i have 
discovered that transparency information is being lost, as i am getting now 
an ugly green background.
Also there is an speed penalty because of the extra reprojection time.

I have tryed renaming ".tif" to ".png", but it didn't work. He.

I allways get an Internal Server Error if i try to use tiff raster layers.

I am now using tiff2png to batch-convert all my tiffs to PNG, and it works 

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