[Mapserver-users] Mapserver Hosting Wanted

Alexandros Chimarios alhim at intracom.gr
Wed May 26 05:43:25 EDT 2004

Dear Aaron, could you please specify your requirements of MapServer Hosting in 
detail ? For example will you need just a web server with the mapserv cgi or 
PHP MapScript and any spatial database ?

On Wednesday 19 May 2004 00:19, Aaron Kreider wrote:
> Are there any companies that offer cheap Mapserver hosting?
> I found GisHosting.net offering Mapserver hosting, but their website is
> down and it looks like their effort may have never gotten off the ground.
> Does anyone know what happenned to them?
> I just need a basic web hosting plan, that comes with Mapserver installed.
> Aaron
> aaron at campusactivism.org
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