[Mapserver-users] Create a legend using PHPMapscript

Frank Broniewski Frank.Broniewski at mnha.etat.lu
Wed May 26 09:24:30 EDT 2004

Dear List

I'm still a beginner with MapServer, so I have trouble understanding the
process of creating a legend using php-mapscript. Maybe a reader may
send me on the right path.

I've done so far this tutorial
And the tutorials found here
Which provide quite some background

But when it comes to creating the legend dynamically, I can't seem to
find any helpful source. And I must admit, that I'm not capable of
understanding the information provided here:

As far as I understand inherits the legend object from the mapobject. So
I thought it might be a good idea to create the legend in the same
manner as the scalebar, which I could figure out myself :-)
To provide a little more information on my work, here is the code I
  $legend = $map->legend();
  $legend_url = $legend->saveWebImage();
Am I missing vital parameters or something else? I'm currently
displaying one shapefile only in my map.

Thanks a lot in advance of your help and kind greetings from Luxembourg

Frank Broniewski
Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art
Section Préhistoire / Projet EPC
    Tél: +352 260 281-21
241, Rue de Luxembourg
L-8077 Bertrange

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