[Mapserver-users] I have a question using mapserver.

Chip Hankley Chip.Hankley at rmtinc.com
Wed May 26 09:22:57 EDT 2004

Did you change the EXTENT section of the mapfile to match your data?

>>> "boli" <boli611 at hotmail.com> 05/25/04 10:33PM >>>
I have installed mapserver under IIS of win2000, and installed the
tutorial.  I can see the picture output in "Example 1.1: Map with a
Single Layer". But I want to display another map, I copied all files for
a map to directory "data" and editted the map file "example1-1.map", I
could see nothing but a white blank in the place for the picture. 
What's wrong?   

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