[Mapserver-users] Arcview geodatabase format suuport

Chip Hankley Chip.Hankley at rmtinc.com
Wed May 26 11:04:33 EDT 2004

> Does Mapserver supports Arcview geodatabase, or will it be?
Not now. My hunch is that it probably won't anytime soon. The
geodatabase format is, of course, relatively new. ESRI would have to
publish some type of specification that would allow someone to build an
interface that would read the data. I don't know if ESRI has released
such a specifcation. Furthermore, there's probably not a real big
incentive for anyone (on the MapServer side) to do this right now. There
are a number of spatial RDBMS formats that MS does read (Oracle Spatial,
SDE, and PostGIS)... these offer most users a LOT more flexibility b/c
they aren't tied to MS Access.


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