[Mapserver-users] ogr broken perhaps? Problems with on-the-fly and other projections.

Andrew selkiesdad at twcny.rr.com
Wed May 26 12:54:13 EDT 2004

I have been trying to get a latlong shapefile produced by the usgs from 
a UTM dataset (grs80 nad83  zone 18N) to display on a raster layer in NY 
State Plane East (epsg:32115) projection , map base projection also set 
to epsg:32115.  My failures have led me to reproject my data manually 
using gdalwarp and ogr2ogr. I have confirmed the projections by using 
ogrinfo, gdalinfo and by actively plotting the results. The ogr utility 
(manual and on-the-fly) puts all my latlong points at negative  state 
plane coordinates at a very reduced scale and far off "center" (by 
several region diameters). I have tried working with the false eastings 
and northings,  but with no luck. Gdal seems to get this info (if it is 
needed) from the headers; rasters seem to project both on the fly and 
manually, though I have to assemble more files and templates to test this.  

I have tried TRANSFORM=TRUE and =ON, no luck (which is it, by the way? 
both appear on the doc sites and in postings) and evrything else I can 
think of or have seen posted.

There is an old reference to version 3.3(something) being broken in this 

Any insights?

Mapserve CGI mapserver 4.02 compiled from source on LINUX i86 Slackware 
kv 2.4.20

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