[Mapserver-users] Configure: Same old error - can't find gd.h or libgd.a/libgd.so

Tyler Mitchell TMitchell at lignum.com
Wed May 26 18:27:04 EDT 2004

> Hi. I'm new to this list, and subscribed at this time specifically 
> of the same issue. The original poster stated that gd.h and libgd.a were
> installed already. This looks like an autoconf problem to me. 
> Configure bombs in
> the exact same place on FreeBSD 5.1. I've not spent much time on it 
other than
> running autoconf in case the distributed configure script was broken.

You get the same behaviour on FreeBSD then?  At least I can't tell YOU to 
try the binaries :)  There is a bug reporting tool you could/should 
probably use and see if others can trace this for you.  I don't see any 
bug entries that have "gd.h" in them.


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