[Mapserver-users] pipermail from dm solutions is down?

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
Wed May 26 21:57:34 EDT 2004

Eduardo Patto Kanegae wrote:
> I follow up the item http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?MigrationGuide and found the links:
> http://lists.dmsolutions.ca/pipermail/mapserver-users/2002-November/042854.html
> http://lists.dmsolutions.ca/pipermail/mapserver-users/2002-October/042386.html
> but i'm getting "page not found" error.

I'm not sure what happened with the archive, but I can't seem to track 
the messages that the wiki was referring to.  Instead you can find 
information about the outputformat directive at

I have changed the links in the wiki.

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