[Mapserver-users] How does one create .map files?

Namnath, Sharyn NamnatSR at NV.DOE.GOV
Thu May 27 12:32:34 EDT 2004

Thanks to everyone who offered (and is still offering) suggestions.  I will
certainly look into all of them.  I know I'm not completely enamored with
the idea of creating a map file for every map I'm going to need, but if I
have to then so be it.  I too am interested in your method Ed.  If you care
to share, I bet a lot more of us are interested.

- Sharyn

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Sounds interesting Ed, I'd love to see an example of your methodology.


mapserver-users-admin at lists.gis.umn.edu wrote on 05/26/2004 06:57:35 PM:

> Sharyn -
> For several years now I've been using the C preprocessor to take
> "template" MAP files and do #includes, macro expansion, etc.  It's
> pretty convenient if you need to either generate lots of MAP files or
> lots of layers in a MAP file.  We've got around 150+ MAP files, around
> 60 or 70 layers, and nearly 350,000 source data files, and it is a good
> way to keep things organized.
>    - Ed
> Ed McNierney
> President and Chief Mapmaker
> TopoZone.com

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