[Mapserver-users] SQL Data

Eric Katherman vaiod at berloy.com
Thu May 27 17:38:51 EDT 2004

Okay... I have the basics of working with MS and PHP down to the point I can 
turn layers on and off as well as zoom in and out.  I now need to know how I 
can take data from the dbf file and based on it's value display it 
differently then other records in the same dbf file... 


I have a table that draws centerlines of streets and contains the street 
names.  I can get the street names to display using labels and such but would 
like to control the display of the classification of streets. (e.g. major 
streets are B, minor are C, smaller then that are D etc...)  How can I 
display the B streets when I am zoomed out closer to the extents and then 
display C and D when I zoom in?   

Is there a way to dump the data from this dbf file into a temporary table in 
MySQL and then query the DB to get that data back?


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