[Mapserver-users] mapserver for phones / wireless

Brian Russo brian at entropy.net
Thu May 27 17:30:42 EDT 2004

At Tue, May 25, 2004 at 11:55:14PM -0500, Bob Basques wrote:
> I'm working on using MapServer on IPAQ for GPS Mapping and data collection.
> We're currently working on the GPS data collection and syncing of the 
> Mapserver mapping with GPS locations.
> The next steps will include Geocoding of Web Forms input as well as 
> Documents (photo images for the most part) retrieved from the remote 
> device.
> What are you interested in specifically?

I want to create (initially) a simple vector-based platform that is viewable 
over a phone, where people can specify where they are, perhaps with 
geocoding, also thinking of some sort of fuzzy "near" functionality would be 
cool for major landmarks, and eventually something editable over the web (I 
think editable over phone is just impractical).

Sorta like a geowiki thing I guess.


Recursivity. Call back if it happens again.

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