[Mapserver-users] Is this the right program for me?

AARON KONING aaronkoning at shaw.ca
Thu May 27 21:20:24 EDT 2004

>From what I've seen PHP mapscript and PHP are 
definitely the way to go for these types of 
applications. Using the mapscript querybypoint 
function (from the layerObj or mapObj) you can 
easily pull an id out of a predetermined field in a 
'cities' layer. Then using PHP's easy to use 
database connection functions and the id from the 
layer you can query MYSQL and pull binary objects 
out and send them to the user, display the 
information through HTML, redirect them to another 
webpage, or whatever you can imagine.



I'm still trying to determine if MapServer is the proper program for me to use... What I'm trying to do is this :


I have a map of the world displayed on a website. I click on an area and display a zoomed in map of that area - Say I click on North America, I now see a map of North America on the screen... I proceed to click on the area I want, getting zoomed in maps of the areas. I finally click on San Francisco, California and now I want to download information files on San Francisco such as history of the city, city flag, city maps, yearly weather information, official bird, hotel information etc...  The information I get for the user to download will be based on the Lat Long information I get from clicking on my map.  All file information is stored in a database such as MySql or Sql.


Can I do this using MapServer and PHP or is there a better program to use such as Grass or MapInfo for my purposes?


Thanks very much for your answers..


- sharyn

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