[Mapserver-users] mapserver for phones / wireless

Brian Russo brian at entropy.net
Thu May 27 22:19:08 EDT 2004

Thanks for the link, your product looks pretty cool, and has given me 
some good ideas for the interface. Pardon me if I decide to rip off 
certain aspects ;)

I think I'll target xhtml, although to be honest my head is still pretty 
fuzzy over wml 1.3, wap 2.0 and xhtml basic/mp. Openwave looks like a 
great resource, I'm just reading their getting started section, and it's 
very informative, thanks.

I definitely know what you mean by lag and so forth, I want there to be 
as few things to enter/links/page loads as possible. I also think you're 
right as far as having to jump in with both feet and just start working 
on it.

 - bri

At Thu, May 27, 2004 at 08:36:40PM -0500, Jeff Hoffmann wrote:
> The only things that I've done for phones aren't publicly accessible 
> (it contains MLS data and we're not allowed to show it to anyone that's 
> not a member of our customer's boards).  You can see a quick overview 
> of one product with some simulated screenshots at 
> http://www.propertykey.com/website/services/mobile/index.jsp  The 
> actual site is pretty simple from a programming perspective especially 
> if you can target phones that support XHTML.  One thing you'll need to 
> think about is that it's hard to enter text on phones so things that 
> require a lot of interaction can be a pain.  If you have phones that 
> only support WML, there's more of a learning curve and kind of a mental 
> shift to a different type of page paradigm.  Also, in my experience 
> there's a lot of lag with phones so you want to think about whether to 
> split pages so you're not scrolling forever if it's too long vs. making 
> them too small and introducing a lot of frustration from the lag 
> involved in having to jump from page to page too often.  I don't know 
> what other advice to give -- I think the best thing to do is to just 
> jump in and get a feel for how different of a world it is.
> ps: Openwave is a great place to learn about creating web sites for 
> phones.  There's a lot of documentation there plus emulator software 
> which makes things a lot easier.  Also, I think all providers have free 
> developer sites that will give you more information about specific 
> phones, sdks, forums, etc.  We focused on Sprint phones & they have 
> good developer info.
> --
> Jeff Hoffmann
> jeff at propertykey.com
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