[Mapserver-users] Re: URL map request yields map sans details at digital earth.gov

Delfos, Jacob jacob.delfos at maunsell.com
Fri May 28 04:27:25 EDT 2004

Maybe you don't get enough labels because your buffer for the labels is too
big (conflict detection is being too careful).
Your URL must be correct, in the sense that it works (duh....). But how
would working on your URL change the amount of details? That's something
you'd have to fix in your mapfile.
I also get nothing on that URL, which suggests either some of the parameters
in your URL are incorrect, or it has to do with a layer disappearing below a
certain scale (check your minscale and maxscale) or with a wrongly
configured layer appearing below that scale. 


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Thank you for the post Jacob.  Well I looked closer and the only 
label I can see on that link was BREMERTON and part of that is 
obscured. I guess my question more correctly is, "Is my URL correct 
and the map is just not being served with as much detail as I'd hoped 
for or do I need to work on the URL some?"  If I zoom down to my 
neighborhood as in the following URL I get nothing at all, no streets 
or anything of that nature. I must be missing something.


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> I get solid polygons, and quite a few lines. I don't get outlined
> Are you labels white, by any chance?

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