[Mapserver-users] Questions regarding mapserver query mode!

subhash at gauss.nmsu.edu subhash at gauss.nmsu.edu
Fri May 28 14:25:53 EDT 2004

 I've been working on the mapserver 3.7 for a while and am facing a little  
 problem with the 'query mode' of the mapserver.  
 I was able to retreive the data in the shape file using some query templates,  
 (as used in the tutorial and itasca examples). The templates are HTML  
 templates where the values are directly replaced by variables like [lrn],  
 [AREA] etc. but is there a way that i  can keep a php file as a template file  
 and take the values returned by mapserver query into the php variables, so  
 that i can execute my own database queries based on the results.  
 If I can do this, please let me know how can i do it? or else, please let me  
 know if there is another way to retreive data from the mapserver query and  
 execute my own queries on it.  

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