Error making mapscript tcl

Nikos nicolas at MAICH.GR
Tue Aug 2 08:42:35 EDT 2005

Philip Dillon-Thiselton wrote:

> OK - I hurdled that little problem - mapserver-workbench then wanted 
> mkWidgets, i fixed that ok but now...

How didi you fix the previous problem Philip?

> [mapserver-workbench] : msedit.tcl
> Error in startup script: can't find package msTclObjs
>    while executing
> "package require msTclObjs"
>    (file "/usr/bin/msedit.tcl" line 23)
> I can't even find msTclObjs mentioned on teh net except for on the 
> mapserver related sites - what is it?

msTclObjs is a package included with msworkbench. It is an object 
wrapperthat uses the obstcl package.
You msworkbench distro should have it, as well as someother packages in it..

I've fiddled with the msTclObjs package to use Itcl, which is more 
maintained than the obstcl package..
Let me know if you want a copy..


> Phil

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