WMS and ArcGIS

Ken Lord kenlord at GMAIL.COM
Tue Aug 30 14:04:38 EDT 2005

Hi Gary,
 Usually the issue is due to the size of the image being requested by 
ArcGIS. MapServer by default can create no bigger than a 2500x2500 pixel 
image, so it is easy to exceed the size in a large ArcGIS map, or a small 
ArcGIS map with high resolution, and have nothing rendered.
 Try zooming in to a small area to see if it makes a difference.
 Also try changing your print settings ... it seems that the resolution in 
your print settings will affect it, a 600dpi print resolution will request 
more than mapserver can send and only cover about 4inches of paper. ... This 
got me for a long time, i was able to see the WMS layers, but not print 
 ArcGIS isn't smart enough to request multiple tiles when it hits this 
problem, and ESRI has quietly buried the problem, last I checked I could 
find nothing about it on their support / forum pages.
 On one occasion I went through the pain of using the temp images from my 
mapserver website, importing them one by one to ArcGIS to get around the 
Ken Lord
 On 8/30/05, Gary Sherman <sherman at mrcc.com> wrote: 
> Has anyone successfully displayed a MapServer WMS in ArcGIS 9.x? I am
> able to add the service to ArcMap. The list of layers shows up and I can
> zoom to the extent of a layer, however nothing is ever rendered.
> -gary
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