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What version are we talking?

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I presently have a set up in which I plot some measurements on some background maps. Things work fine, but I want to add the possibility to query the measurement data set by clicking on a measurement. The measurements have coordinates in lat lon and I only manage to query those data if I plot the entire map in the same projection. I have tried to reproject the query point using code like

	$geopoint->project($mapproj, $layerproj); 
	// projects the point from the projection of the map to the projection of layer

 the debug function just dumps the data and it is clear that the point is correctly reprojected, but anyhow 
$map->queryByPoint($geopoint, MS_MULTIPLE, 1); 
never gives anything if the mobil-layer and the map are in different projections. 

Are there any ways to overcome this? As I am mostly working on maps from 60 deg north and upwards, geographical projection is not the projection of choise and I would prefer not having to reproject the measurement data.

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