[mapserver-users] How to use moveLayerUp

Worth Lutz wal3 at mindspring.com
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One thing that I have done is clone or copy a layer and add it to the map
object.  This puts the new layer at the end of the layer list thus it is the
last one drawn.  What I've been doing is using the new layer to show the
selected items from that layer with a new class.  For example, the original
layer shows all parcels and the new layer shows the selected ones.  To make
this work, I remove all the classes from the cloned layer and add the new
class which describes the new colors for the selected items.

I'd give an example, but I'm at home answering this.


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I am working with PHP Mapscript. I would like to move in some secific cases
a layer up so that it gets drawn after all the other layers have been drawn.

I searched quite some time, but couldn't find any example that would show me
how to implement this. Can anyone give me a hint?

Thanks a lot,

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