[VisCom] EuroOSCON planning?

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Mon Aug 14 13:27:04 EDT 2006

I guess our Viscom minutes haven't been clear enough for you guys :)

EuroOSCON has been discussed briefly at our previous VisCom meetings  
and we have touched base with Autodesk organisers on this.  But due  
to most of being swamped on OSCON and GeoWeb prep, it was deferred  
until we had time again - so it is planned for discussion at this  
Thursday's meeting.  If you are interested/concerned please plan to  
be there. http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Tenth_VisCom_Meeting

For your background.. Lisa Landers is the lead on this from  
Autodesk's end though at least two other staff are also involved.   
The next step for VisCom is to have a volunteer contact to be 'on the  
ground' helping Autodesk organisers - I believe Arnulf has showed  
interested in the past.  This method has worked well in the past few  
conferences as each of us takes on a conference and is the primary  
contact for Autodesk staff.  Autodesk staff have also been excellent  
helpers by joining our meetings and giving us a task list.  We take  
some items, they take some items (including liaison with O'Reilly).

So - who is going and can be a key contact for Autodesk?  You would  
need to be able to help organise things such as: volunteer  
recruitment using free passes, booth planning and volunteeer roster,  
planning for BOF events, coordinating develop and printing of  
material, booth setup/placement, distributing handouts, finding  
speakers, coordinating speaker topics, registering volunteers,  
finding/organising media interview opportunities, booth volunteers?   
Anyone interested? :)  Seriously though, between the several Autodesk  
staff and VisCom, theses are the kinds of tasks that are involved -  
fortunately Autodesk takes care of much of the hard work for us!

As an aside, it is becoming obvious (to me at least) that VisCom is  
going to become increasingly stretched between "Events", "Project  
propaganda", "Press Releases", etc.  Helping with events could easily  
be VisCom's full time job since there are so many events happening.

Talk to you on Thursday morning :)


On 13-Aug-06, at 3:05 PM, Arnulf Christl wrote:

> On Sun, August 13, 2006 22:01, Jo Walsh wrote:
>> dear VisCom,
>> I keep hearing EuroOSCON rumblings on IRC. I'm wondering what's
>> happening with this - who else is planning to be there - what kind of
>> means and plans OSGeo's dedicated Visibility people have for  
>> improving
>> European Visibility - here's my notes and questions:
> Not many Europeans around... and my self so far stored it under  
> neglected.
> I had hoped to hop on the Adsk train just as I did at Where 2.0 and  
> I am
> definitely not up to date. I hope that someone can shed some more  
> light on
> what has hopefully already been done.
> If we have a booth we can produce printed material and deliver it.  
> If any
> content from the VisCom library needs to be worked over it should  
> be done
> well before FOSS4G anyway. But we have a good stack to start on. We  
> can
> also bring a banner and some notebooks.
> What is Autodesk doing there? Any chance of joining in?
> We will not have that many volunteers to staff a booth due to the high
> entrance fees, preceding FOSS4G and upcoming Intergeo 2006.

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