[VisCom] EuroOSCON planning?

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Mon Aug 14 13:53:39 EDT 2006

dear all,
On Mon, Aug 14, 2006 at 10:27:04AM -0700, Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> until we had time again - so it is planned for discussion at this  
> Thursday's meeting.  If you are interested/concerned please plan to  
> be there. http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Tenth_VisCom_Meeting

Okay, this sounds great. Re. FOSS4G there's so much to discuss - kind
of keep thinking of it as 'our' conference and that it will be so
suffused with OSGeo that having one focal presence would be almost
superfluous... but best not to take this for granted ;) 
Markus started http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/OSGeo_at_FOSS4G2006
I imagine there will be 2 dozen talks by OSGeo members there... 

FWIW, Brady Forrest, the conference chair of Where2.0 is super
enthusiastic about FOSS4G, has been talking with Claude P about
ORA's sponsorship options and if it goes well there should be a very
good chance of ORA sponsorship for next years OSGeo conference(s). 
I don't know if this is in VisCom's remit - how OSGeo gets the word
out to different local user groups about conf organising and what
support options are available - but i'm guessing most opinions are here.

I likely won't be able to make Thursday, but will be on a plane. 
Re EuroOSCON, Mateusz Loskot wants to attend and i'd love for OSGeo to be 
able to offer him a pass. strk from PostGIS / GEOS could be a *really* good
speaker and connection to other open source communities - cf 
http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Supporting_Spatial_Databases which i'd
love to move forward a bit but am not sure 'where next'.

cheers, good luck,


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