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Ned Horning nedh at lightlink.com
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I think it would be good to target some conferences related to
ecology/conservation and remote sensing communities. There are several
possibilities around the globe but some fairly large ones that I have been
involved with are: Society for Conservation Biology with a meeting in South
Africa in 2007, Society for Conservation GIS (this is quite small),
Ecological Society of America who will be meeting in San Jose, California in
2007, and the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing who has
their annual conference in Tampa, Florida next year.

At some point it would also be good to talk about meeting with governmental
and other organizations to make them aware of OSGeo. Within the conservation
and NASA Earth Science community I have been noticing a significant growth
in an interest in using and developing open source geospatial tools but not
much of the work is being coordinated and not much effort is going into
fostering development communities. OSGeo has a lot to offer.


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> We need to start brainstorming about where, when and how many various
> conferences we have a presence at next year.  Perhaps we can start by
> the bigs ones.  Any ideas?  Our biggest issue will quite possibly be the
> Conference, but I'm not sure how much help a conference committee will
need from
> us.
> Other items:
> -Where 2.0
> Do we want to try to repeat these?  Obviously in some cases we may need to
> sponsorship to cover these off, so the sooner that we think, the better.
> Tyler
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