Any interest in an OSGEO booth at the 2007 NC GIS Conference

Julia Harrell julia.harrell at
Fri Dec 15 16:58:18 EST 2006

Hi folks,

We'd love it if OSGEO was able to establish a presence at the 10th North 
Carolina GIS Conference (held March 1-2, 2007 in Winston Salem, NC). 
There are still booths left!

We also plan to have the first North Carolina Open Source GIS user group 
meeting (potentially becoming an OSGEO chapter/affiliate one day) at 
this event. Having one or more OSGEO representatives give a short talk 
at this meeting would be a real highlight. I realize funding for booth 
rental and travel is mighty scarce, but if there's any chance it could 
happen, please let us know.

Best Regards,

Julia Harrell
GIS Coordinator, NC DENR
julia.harrell at

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