[VisCom] OSGeo Presentation Template - Draft - Review and Comment by Tues 6/6

Mark Lucas mlucas17 at mac.com
Wed Jun 7 17:40:00 EDT 2006

I'm all for making sure that we support open file formats and that  
that should be the primary format that we provide.  I think we should  
reconsider the ban on ppt and other proprietary formats.  Our goal is  
to spread the message, most of the people that we want to convince  
will be running office.  I have to admit that I had to go searching  
for and install OpenOffice to read the files as well - most of the  
business and government traffic is in word and ppt.

I'd suggest be make a range of formats available.

Just my two cents...

Mark, now I have OpenOffice running, Lucas

On Jun 7, 2006, at 5:24 PM, Michael P. Gerlek wrote:

> OK, color me confused -- I've never used Open Office before, but am
> willing to give it a try...
> I converted my .ppt file to be an .odp file, and then tried to pull in
> the template Peter sent out.  But, Peter's attached file was an .odg,
> which as near as I can tell is a "Draw" file, not an "Impress  
> Template"
> -- I think I need an .otp file, but there doesn't seem to be  
> an .odg ->
> .otp conversion path available.
> What am I doing wrong?
> -mpg
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>> Sorry, forgot to save.  Please see proper file attached.
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>> and
>> Comment by Tues 6/6
>> Perry, Tyler, mpg,
>> Thanks for comments on presentation template guys.  I saved  
>> as .odg as
>> requested.
>>> Have you also checked if there is a Where 2.0 speaker template
>> available?
>> I looked to no avail.  I think there's more value in creating a
>> longer-lasting OSGeo template anyhow.
>> I agree, the black is cool, but intended for ad and banners and high
>> impact communications.  Also, printing with it burns up toner in a  
>> big
>> way, and things like inserting screenshots and creating diagrams gets
>> pretty funky.  So I stuck with the white background.
>> mpg - I addressed your comments as best I could below.
>> I can't spare any more time on this right now.  If someone
>> wants to pick
>> it up and polish it up, that's fine by me.  Otherwise, let's
>> declare it
>> done and get it out to the presenters.
>> Peter
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