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Thu Jun 15 19:35:25 EDT 2006



1) Great to meet most of you at Where 2.0.  We felt the event was quite
a successful kickoff for OSGeo here in the U.S. in terms of visibility
and participation.


2) I'll be leaving Autodesk tomorrow to take 4-6 months off, spend time
with family and do some traveling.  Search for a replacement is underway
and will report to my colleague Jan Kowleski.  Gary also mentioned at
the OSGeo meeting that we are looking at possible consulting resources
to help with OSGeo operations, visibility and promotion.


Jan and Kirsten will subscribe to the alias and would like to de-brief
with you on Where 2.0 - what worked, what didn't, etc. and also start
planning for future events.


3)  The flyers that Tyler and team put together along with banner
artwork for the event, the presentation template and much more are
posted to the visibility committee Documents and Files space at:


along with the other materials we produced for the event.  I also
uploaded the banner ad that Kirsten and team created, which can be seen
<> .


The intention is to make these materials available on a self-service
basis to member projects and participants for future events and
marketing efforts.


Cheers and best wishes,




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