Next VisCom mtg, and Where stuff

Michael P. Gerlek mpg at
Mon Jun 19 16:05:55 EDT 2006


I've just gotten back to my office after eight long days of travel, and
my mailbox runneth over.  And I've just found out that I've got to skip
out of town for two days this week, so I'm afraid it'll be at least week
or so before I catch up on everythng OSGeo-related.

* I'd like to postpone this week's VisCom for one week.  Any objections?

* I have a slew of notes (somewhere...) about the Where event --
basically just some things we can do better at our next show.  I'll try
to get them posted Real Soon Now.

* I saw a question about archiving the Where presentations -- no
worries, I will get them all into the VisCom "library".

* On behalf of VisCom, a big thank you to Peter for his help in getting
the Where logistics together.  We'll miss your help.


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