[VisCom] Next VisCom mtg, and Where stuff

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Wed Jun 21 10:22:47 EDT 2006

> I could join in on Thursday. I'd like to officially propose mpg  
> taking over the chair of VisCom. Technically this has already  
> happened and it only needs to be formalized. Is this something we  
> can do within VisCom internally, or do we need a board motion,  
> second, vote, approval?

I think the board can just vote to do this.

> We need to prepare a German language of the information material  
> and posters within the next 10 days. Could someone who feels  
> responsible (hopefully mpg?!) inform us as soon as we have stable  
> versions in the library?

All that is in the library so far are the English PDF files.  I used  
the open source desktop publishing application called Scribus to make  
the brochures.  I should package those up.  I could also export them  
as EPS if that were helpful.  What would work best for others?


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