[VisCom] RE: OSCON Speaker times

Tina Mena Tina.Mena at autodesk.com
Fri Jun 30 18:40:53 EDT 2006

Hi Tyler,

Speakers indeed have their own conference pass, not part of the 10 free

Thus far I only have the email from Michael Gerlek, wanting to send
someone in his place from Lizard.

Additionally, 2 of the 10 free passes will be able to take advantage of
this Special Excutive Briefing (details below). Let me know when you
send your list who you'd like to sign up for this.  

As a new feature at OSCON 2006, Tim O'Reilly and Matt Asay are
organizing a special executive briefing, giving a limited number of
attendees an exclusive opportunity to meet with innovators,
entrepreneurs, and companies that are currently on the O'Reilly Radar.
It's a backstage look at the up and coming companies that we believe
will have the biggest impact on the world of open source in the year to

I will be out of the office next week on vacation, but will check emails
periodically.  If something comes up and you need to speak with me, feel
free to call my cell at 415-259-8517

Happy 4th!   


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> We get 10 free passes to the show, similar to Where 2.0.  If you 
> are interested in attending and need to secure a pass, please 
> contact Tina directly at the email above.    If you will be 
> traveling and need hotel information, she can also provide 
> recommendations, as provided by the conference.

Can you also confirm that those who end up speaking will get free passes
as well?  I don't want the free passes to get gobbled up unecessarily by
those who might not need them.  I've started a short list of who I know
is attending and can help with the booth and any other OSGeo promo.  I
will direct those people to contact Tina too.  

Tina, if you can keep in touch with this committee re: who has passes,
it would help me/us with our planning and recruiting efforts to know.


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