Press Release to be published on March 6

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Mon Mar 6 04:58:04 EST 2006

Looks great.  The only (admittedly minor) change I would suggest (too late now?) would be to change "the next annual meeting of the foundation membership" to something like "the next annual meeting of the foundation membership at FOSS4G [link] this fall".  Gives people a timeline they can relate to and gives a quick plug for the event.


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Hi all,

I have updated the press release again and want to publish it on

- please take a final look
- WebCom: please put the English version onto the server. Translations
                 must be verified first for latest updates, then moved
- Gary: since the Promotion and Visibility Committee isn't yet fully
           I would like to ask you to get it through the Autodesk channels by
           6th March
- DanielB, please prepare for possible slashdotting (personally, I don't
           expect that with this release)
- myself: I'll post it on Monday, 6th to all addresses I know (see below)

Lessions learned
- the next press release must go much faster
- Promotion and Visibility Committee should take care and establish
  the procedure



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   OSGeo-discuss <discuss at>
   news:comp.infosystems.gis    (email to news tips)  (news at  (link: submit material) (click on 'Contact Us') (click on 'Submit Press Release')

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