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Venkatesh Raghavan raghavan at media.osaka-cu.ac.jp
Fri Mar 31 21:13:18 EST 2006

Dear Arnulf and other VisCom members/volunteers

I had mentioned on the IRC yesterday that it
maybe worth considering preparing a 2 page
brochure indicating the mission, goals,projects,
official committees and membership of OSGeo and
disseminate the brochure widely. Perhaps VisCom
could finalize such a brochure after the OSGeo
logo is finalized.

One of the forum to promote OSGeo in Asia would
be to approach the guys t gis.development.net.
Sanjay Kumar, COE gisdevelopment.net is very
supportive of Open Source Geoinformatics as
evident from the Jan 2006 issue of gisdevelopment
in which Arnulf and me wrote articles. I heard
the OSGEO was also featured in one of the
bigest GIS Conference, Map India 2006, recently

Gisdevelopment is also very visible in Asian region
thru its Map Asia Series of Conferences. This year
Map Asia will be organized in Bangkok in late Aug
(http://www.mapasia.org/). Regarding Map Asia 2006
we could possibly think of the following

1) Ask the organizers (Sanjay Kumar) if could arrange
to include a brochure in the conference kit. Printing
cost in Thailand is very cheap and maybe we could find
some donor for that.

2) Consider if it is worth sharing a booth at Map Asia 2006
if some others. I can talk to the guys at www.geoinfo.net
to see if they are willing to share the booth or promote
OSGeo in their booth.

3) AutoDesk Thailand has been quite visible in previous
Map Asia Conferences, may be someone from AutoDesk at
OSGeo could find out how AutoDesk could promote OSGeo
at Map Asia 2006. May be find some donation for booth
or printing.

4) Ardent supporter of OSGeo and Open Source Geomatics,
David Hastings is in Bangkok and I am sure will be attending
Map Asia 2006. Maybe we can request him to deliver
a keynote on OSGeo. This also can be discussed with Sanjay
Kumar, who is known well to David too.

I mention Map Asia as an example, I can think of similar approach
in several forums in Japan and elsewhere too.

Kind regards


P.S. I have marked a CC to David. Any comments
David, as an official member of the "Thai Open Source Oriented
Beer Drinking Society"!!

Arnulf Christl (CCGIS) wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> I just saw that you were talking to me on irc, but I wasn't there. I
> forgot to part, sorry about that.
> Should we try to meet on the phone next week? I'd suggest to first get an
> agenda together by email so that we can keep it short and decide about
> what to do pretty quick.
> I would also like to start using the document repository and from what I
> gather from Dave's chat it seems like you also have some stuff up the
> sleeve. Any idea how we should handle this? Anybody from the committee
> just put stuff there or first manage it through the SVN repository? Any
> suggestions welcome.
> Best regards,
> Arnulf.

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