[VisCom] Re: OSGF at Where 2.0

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Thu May 4 14:51:35 EDT 2006

dear all,

On Thu, May 04, 2006 at 10:45:15AM -0700, Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> Chris wrote to Nat:
> > Ok, I talked with the board and we're fine with 
> > this, as long as Autodesk's slot is a full half 
> > hour, as we have a good bit we want to 
> > fit in, and we're all going to help out on Gary's 
> > talk.  And as long as it does go to WorldWind, 
> > since we do like them a lot.
> Woah, by the time I (and others on board/viscom) read the emails the story was over.  It may seem superficial but, your "delegation alert" reminder alarm bells should be going off :)
> What's the rush?  Did we really want to give up the slot to WorldWind?

Yes, I also had a "whoa" moment about the speed of the decision and
the sense in which "we" encompasses the whole Board or whole
Foundation, when only feedback from a couple of people (though
completely key people) has been solicited. It does seem an awfully
fast decision. 

Nat is keen to help us, but the audience he is programming for *is* 
going to be very business oriented, interested in bells and whistles 
and the shiniest possible demos. So a sponsored keynote will attract
the marketing crowd; an evening BOF will attract People Who Care A Lot. 
Otherwise, this is characteristic of the general tone:

[[ At Shoutpod we're taking the direct route to place: using Bluetooth
and the mobile internet and hooking proximity networks into the global
Internet ]] etc etc

Perhaps it would be possible to connect up with the WW people and split
the mooted 15 minutes with them, including osgPlanet/OSSIM. 

Perhaps, also, if taking a 30 minute slot means losing the opportunity 
for a 15 minute one, it might be possible for Gary to split the
presentation time with Frank? If it's something a lot of people got to
work on together, it could be really killer. 

At the last ORA conference I was at, Kevin Burton et al set up an
impromptu 'Bar Camp' counter-conference in the lobby and gave their
own lightning talks. Perhaps someone local could bring a soapbox ;) 

cheers, sorry,


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