[VisCom] OSGF at Where 2.0

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Thu May 4 14:58:20 EDT 2006

> GRASS already has a 15 minutes slot...  Maybe I 
> could write back that we'd like a couple more 
> lightning talks, alongside a WorldWind lightning 
> talk?

But who knows, there may not even be people available to do more talks, hence the need for further discussion among ourselves/members first.  

It never hurts to find out more information though, like if Nat would consider turning that whole session into lightning talks instead if we could help fill the slots. I think everyone loves them.  I just wouldn't commit us to actually doing it yet :)

In the name of equity, it would be better to have a few more projects represented than the very small sub-set that Nat initially chose.  Having more lightning talks would be one way to do this.  I'd let him worry about fitting in WorldWind - since he obviously wants to and will bump us if he needs to.

Failing that, we can use a BOF called something like "OSGeo: Joining Forces" to showcase a couple other OSGeo projects.  This helps stimulate broader discussion but also promote our projects.  This worked really well in a BOF Ned and I led in Minneapolis.


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